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Record Your Song | April Audio

We provide professional song recording services to songwriters across the globe – specialising in taking your rough song recordings and creating professional, full band productions.


Record My Song

We can produce a release-ready, full band version of your song from start to finish. We provide all musicians and can even include a pro singer if needed. Send us a rough recording of your lyrics & melody and we can get started today. Check out our Song Recording Packages and then get in touch.


Music For My Lyrics

Have words but no music? Lyrics but no melody and chords? No Problem. Let us help you write your best song today. We can take your words and lyrics and put them to great music. Become a songwriter today and let us add the music that will bring your words to life. Get started now by sending us your words and lyrics.


Publish My Song

We can help publish your song. Once we have produced the music for your songs and lyrics we can help you release them so the world can listen! We can help with all aspects of release from artwork to lyric videos as well as helping you get your song onto Itunes, Spotify and all other digital outlets.

What our customers think…

It’s always a joy to work with Andy. He delivers exactly what you need. Very recommendable!
Thomas, Switzerland


I had a song trapped in my head for 12 years. Andy got it out and arranged it beautifully.
Heidi, Canada.


I loved hearing my song being played by a full band. Better than I could have imagined!
Sarah, USA.