Studio Recording For Your Song. Gangnam Style.

In todays fast-paced and media driven world, songs are being pumped out by the thousands. With the advent of the internet, and viral videos, it seems that success as a songwriter or musician can be  just around the corner – all you really need is a bit of luck to stand out and get noticed. Is this really true though? Lyrics may not be important but top quality studio recording for your song is.




If you keep track of every viral song that comes along you may notice that the lyrics are actually not that important . “Friday” (Rebecca Black),  “Gangnam Style” (Psy) or “What does the Fox say” (Ylvis) all prove that you can write about anything and still make a hit. However, all these songs have one major ingredient that is consistent: banging music that was produced by a professional music producer. Studio recording for your song is needed if you want to have the quality that you need.


If you are trying to take your songwriting and music seriously then it’s time that you made the investment in studio recording for your song. The options are endless – you can hire a studio in your city, pay a hefty sum per hour to use their equipment, hire a music producer, pay huge daily fees to bring in musicians and then pay somebody to mix and master the music. It all adds up….and it’s hard to organise.


April Audio is a one-stop shop. We can start helping you with your song from that first rough phone recording to finally releasing your full-band version of your song on Itunes. We do it all – music, singers, artwork and even lyric videos to share on Facebook and Youtube. We can help you finalise your lyrics, put your song into the best structure, come up with the killer hooks and even get a PRO Singer to perform it if you wish. The best part is we don’t cost an arm and a leg. Studio recording for your song is what you need. April Audio is here for you. Get in touch today.