Record YOUR Song – The Perfect Gift.

It’s the Christmas Season and time to start getting busy with all the preparations. Time to start thinking about that perfect gift. It’s great to get someone the latest SmartPhone or the latest television, but this year, why not give something totally unexpected. Something that is guaranteed to bring a tear to your loved ones eye – the gift of your music. Record YOUR Song and give the gift that truly touches the heart.


Here at April Audio we recently worked with Dr. Bob to help give his wife the best gift she could imagine – a love song written by Bob to celebrate their upcoming 35th anniversary. Bob is no seasoned songwriter or musician but a Dentist – but he knew that nothing touches the soul like music. He secretly began writing the lyrics to his song in the months leading up to his anniversary without ever having attempted this before and without knowing anything about music!


Dr. Bob wanted his song to sound amazing – and he wanted it to sound like good ol’ Southern Country, his wife’s favourite music. He contacted April Audio and ordered The Professional Package – this package includes everything you need to make your song sound the best it can be and the finished product is ready for immediate upload to Itunes, Spotify etc.


Bob had written the lyrics but he had no idea how to write a melody and make the music that would bring his words to life. That’s where we step in. Although we mainly work with songwriters who have already written the melody for their words, we are here to help at any stage of the songwriting process. Feel free to drop us an email if you want some feedback on your lyrics or ask us to put music to your words – we are here to help record YOUR song.


There really is nothing like giving somebody a recording of your song. It can touch people more than you think it will. Parents will melt into a heap of tears as they listen to their grown up son or daughter sing for the first time. A wife will cry with happiness when she hears the words her husband has penned for her after 35 years together – that’s what happened when Dr. Bob gave his wife the perfect gift.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmastime or not – now it’s YOUR turn.

Record YOUR Song today with April Audio.