A New Year – New Music for Your Song

Christmas is over. The turkey is gone and the kids have already broken most of the new toys. Now it’s time for a New Year. A fresh start. New hope. A blank slate. 2018 is here for the next 365 days. For us creative folk it’s easy to get into a slump and forget that in order for us to be considered “creative people” we actually have to “create”. Let’s put all the failures and disappointments of the last year into the “do not open” file and focus on this new beginning. It’s time to get creative again. It’s time to write again. It’s time to get some help with new music for your song.

Here at April Audio, we are ready for another year of helping you bring your songs to life. Decide today that this year is going to be your most creative yet. Dream big. Pick a project and go for it! Has it been your dream to record an EP or an Album? Or maybe the first step is to release your first single? The most important step is the first one – get in touch with us today and let’s work together to make 2018 your best year yet. Here are some of the services we can help you with:


Our main service is to produce top quality music for your songs. Any style. Any genre. Any instrument. We got you covered.  We offer 3 song recording packages to meet your needs:

The Professional Package

The Professional Package creates music for your song with Unlimited Instrumentation, a PRO Singer, Mixing and Mastering. Once we are done with your song you will have a finished product that is ready to hit the online stores. Ask us for help if you want to get your songs onto Itunes and Spotify and all other digital outlets.

The Five Piece Package

The Five Piece Package creates music for your song with Drums, Bass, Keyboard, Guitar and a Pro Singer and includes Mixing and Mastering. This is a great way to demo your song to see what it could sound like with a full band.

The Acoustic Package

The Acoustic Package creates music for your song with a Pro Singer accompanied by an Acoustic Guitar or a Piano and includes Mixing and Mastering to make it sound great. This is perfect for songwriters who want to send out a demo of their songs to labels, artists and other musicians.

Other Services

Here at April Audio we want to work with you to bring your song to life. That begins with recording your song with one of our recording packages but there is so much more you can do. We offer services to help get your projects out into the world – artwork, lyric videos, digital distribution. Get in touch today and let’s make 2018 your most creative year yet.