Make Song Online

Songwriters aren’t always musicians and musicians aren’t always songwriters. A song is made up of lyrics, melody and music and often songwriters can feel frustrated when they can’t play the music that they feel would really bring their song to life. Time to Google “make song online” and bring in a music producer!

A music producer is somebody who can take your song and build a full-band, professional sounding track that perfectly fits around your lyrics and melody.

April Audio is an online music production company that loves to bring creativity to any recording project. There’s nothing more satisfying than creating a full band track for your song and with so many instruments, rhythms, styles and beats the opportunities to make great music are endless.

Let’s take a look at some of the ingredients that will make up your song and point out where we can help:


These are the words that make up your song. These words contain the very message and emotions that you want your song to portray. Make sure your song has a great “hook” – this is the catchy part of your song that you want people to remember and sing along with!


This is the tune that you sing the lyrics to. Sometimes the melody takes a long time to figure out and sometimes it just comes to you when you’re trying to fall asleep at night! Once you have your lyrics and melody then it’s time to make a rough recording on your phone and email it to us so we can get to work on your music!


Songs are made up of different sections – verse, chorus, bridge and instrumentals. The “structure” is the order in which you build the various sections of the song. We can help you figure out the best structure for your song to make it sound as catchy as possible!


The chords of your song are really important. There are so many different chords to choose from it can sometimes be hard to figure out what to do. Fear Not. We can work out the best chords for your song. Different instruments also offer different chord options. For example, in an Acoustic Package the piano will offer some deep, rich, complex chords that would not be possible to play on the acoustic guitar.


The instrumentation of your song is basically the “music” of you your song and which instruments are used in your song all depend on what style of song you ave written. The options are endless! Most songs contain drums, bass, guitars and pianos but they can also include synth, violins, pan pipes, irish whistles, accordions or any other instrument you can think of! We offer the best instrumentation for your song in the professional package so it sounds truly amazing!