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Studio Recording For Your Song. Gangnam Style.

In todays fast-paced and media driven world, songs are being pumped out by the thousands. With the advent of the internet, and viral videos, it seems that success as a songwriter or musician can be  just around the corner – all you really need is a bit of luck to stand out and get noticed. […]


A New Year – New Music for Your Song

Christmas is over. The turkey is gone and the kids have already broken most of the new toys. Now it’s time for a New Year. A fresh start. New hope. A blank slate. 2018 is here for the next 365 days. For us creative folk it’s easy to get into a slump and forget that […]

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Record YOUR Song – The Perfect Gift.

It’s the Christmas Season and time to start getting busy with all the preparations. Time to start thinking about that perfect gift. It’s great to get someone the latest SmartPhone or the latest television, but this year, why not give something totally unexpected. Something that is guaranteed to bring a tear to your loved ones […]


Make Song Online

Songwriters aren’t always musicians and musicians aren’t always songwriters. A song is made up of lyrics, melody and music and often songwriters can feel frustrated when they can’t play the music that they feel would really bring their song to life. Time to Google “make song online” and bring in a music producer! A music […]


5 Reasons to Record Your Song Today

From the moment that you craft that first line, or create that first chord progression, you begin a journey. Sometime the journey takes a few minutes. Sometimes it takes months or years. In a sense it doesn’t really matter how long it takes as the destination is always the same. We want to arrive at […]