5 Reasons to Record Your Song Today

From the moment that you craft that first line, or create that first chord progression, you begin a journey. Sometime the journey takes a few minutes. Sometimes it takes months or years. In a sense it doesn’t really matter how long it takes as the destination is always the same. We want to arrive at “The Song”. This is a magical place where all the effort ceases and all the lyrics, melodies and instruments weave together to form something special. Our very own creation. Sometimes we never make it to the destination, but for those times that we do it’s important to celebrate it. One way we can celebrate is by recording your song. There are many reasons you may want to begin recording your song but here are five that might help you make the right decision. It’s time to let your songs start making their own journeys. Let them journey out into the big, wide world – you never know how far they will go.

1) SATISFACTION: For people with a creative brain, there is nothing more satisfying than completing a creative project. It started off as a few words in your thoughts and now here it is – a recording of your song that your friends, family and fans can hear. The sense of accomplishment can be huge and is well worth all the blood, sweat and tears that it took to get here.

2) TESTING: You don’t necessarily have to go and record a full band production of your song straight away. Recording an acoustic demo is a great way to test your song. When we write the words and melodies we can think that everything is great – recording your song is a great way to listen back and hear the lyrcis that don’t quite fit or the chords that don’t really work. On the other hand, it can also show you that your song really does work and that you might be onto a winner!

3) PITCHING SONGS: Many people enjoy writing songs but have no desire to be a performing artist. A lot of people who write songs can’t actually even sing them very well. This doesn’t mean their songs aren’t good, it just means they need someone else to perform them. This is where pitching songs comes in. If you are serious about your songs and think they are good enough for other artists to cover then you need to “pitch” them to artists, labels etc. For this you need some sort of demo of your song. It could be an acoustic demo or a full band production. Either way, you need to have a recording of your song. If you are a song writer and think you can be a great performer too then you still need a good demo CD of your songs to pitch to A&R guys.

4) RELEASE: The ultimate point of writing a song is for it to be heard. In order for people to hear your song you have to release it. Thankfully, there are hundreds of ways for you to release your music in this digital era. Even if it’s just for your friends and family, thats ok. Record the song and get it out there! You will feel a great sense of accomplishment once you finally release something after all the hard work you have put into making it and that feeling is hard to beat!

5) FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS: This is something I have come to realise is really important. We only get one shot at life and you don’t want to waste years and years of it by being too scared or shy to let people hear the music that’s in your head. Be brave. Recording your song is going to be great. Follow your dream. You won’t regret it.